The commodities arm (WE Resources Pte Ltd) was established in 2014, and specialises in commercial trades, including a variety of primary and secondary non-ferrous metals products.

    The current product range consists of iron ore, copper cathodes, copper cloves, tin coated copper and bauxite. In the copper category, the company trades London Metal Exchange (LME) registered copper cathodes, and non-LME registered copper cloves and copper scraps. In addition, current efforts are targeted at diversification of its product range to include other non-ferrous metals.

    At the present moment, company’s main clients are located in Malaysia and China.


    Under its distribution segment, key business areas include the representation of electronics components, power and info-communications equipment as well as consumer electronics to more than 500 multiple industry customers throughout the Asia Pacific.

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    e-Commerce is the practice of selling and/or buying products through the internet, commonly associated with internet shopping. e-Commerce can take place between business-to-business, business-to-consumer and consumer-to consumer. The Company would largely be assisting and facilitating transactions between businesses and consumers. The Company intends to work together with a foreign-based industry leader to provide local merchants and/or businesses with technological and structural support to streamline and improve the efficiency of their business process (i.e. e-Wallet).


    Crowdfunding, simply put, is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. The Company would be providing a securities-based crowdfunding avenue where retail investors can have sight of projects in various industries that are concurrently supported by the Company. The Company would mainly be facilitating crowdfunding opportunities through the usage of a third-party platform to raise funds for potential projects. The Company’s stream of revenue under this limb would thus be derived from the facilitating and management of these crowdfunding projects.